Chairman's Message

The unusually warm summer continues. All growers, farmers, orchardists and the like are in need of rain. The southern Tasmanian farmlands are dry and parched.

One of our Members has added a page in our Technology Forum dealing with the control of sugar, and hence alcohol, during pulp fermentation. In these circumstances it is difficult to control sugar levels as after some days fermenting the removal of the pulp takes sugar and volume away from the must. Adding water to bring the must to volume dilutes whatever is left. Hydrometers are less useful in these circumstances.

The next Meeting of the Fruit Winemakers Association is scheduled for Thursday 5 May 2016 7pm at the Civic Club in Hobart. If you would like more information please contact the for details. Remember that if you are interested in joining the Fruit Winemaking association you can do so whilst a guest at one of our meetings or return a completed Membership invitation along with your Membership dues.

Gordon Brown, Chairman