Australian Fruit Wine Show Results for 2014

There were 140 entries in the show with three gold, 10 silver and 40 bronze medals being awarded. Entries came from across Australia including Broome in WA and from New Zealand.

The head judge was very pleased with the standard of entries this year saying that there weren’t any wines that showed winemaking faults as seen in previous years.

Many entries came very close to be awarded bronze but lacked that little extra required to reach that level.

All entrants should be happy with their results even if they didn’t receive a medal.

The dry classes were a stand out which attracted several silver medals. This is the class where significant progress has been made. The fortified and liqueurs class as usual attracted the gold. Fruit intensity showing in the entries by amateurs held the edge over the commercial products with the exception of the Wine of the Show - Kanagae Estate's Wattleseed Port 2013.

As to be expected the enthusiasts showed up very well in most classes. On a negative note the sweet classes were disappointing with balance being an issue and some wines not being sweet enough. The sweet class must be sweet!! The level is set at a specific gravity of 1.015. The acid and/or tannin balance is also important.

Traditional ciders were in the medals but this is a difficult class to make. We would welcome more entrants in the class in the future.

Contemporary ciders are still a challenge to score well. High acidity requires final sugar levels to be high also. Being able to incorporate levels of tannin that we see in traditional styles is the challenge.

The hybrid cider class was overall exceptionally well made but very few showed much apple character, the cider component being used as an almost neutral base. In this cider competition, we had to be able to identify both fruit and apple components.

The Rotary Club of Sorell thank all the entrants and hope you will consider entering again next year.

Dry Pome Fruit

Peter Mitchelmore Pear 2011 Bronze

Dry Stone Fruit

June L Allsop Nectarine 2013  
Arthur Clarke Apricot 2011 Bronze
June L Allsopp Plum 2013 Silver
Pieter Buining Sloe 2013 Bronze

Dry Tropical Fruit

Monbulk Winery Kiwi fruit Dry 2012 Bronze
Monbulk Winery Kiwi fruit Semi-sweet 2012 Bronze
Kanagae Estate Mango Dry 2013 Bronze
David Wood Banana 2011 Gold

Dry Flowers, Herbs and Grains

Derek Walter Barley 2013 Bronze
Malcolm Nicholson Leaf Wine 2013 Bronze
Damon Maley Elderflower 2013 Bronze
David Wood Elderflower 2012  

Dry Berry Fruit

Berry Delights Freycinet Strawberry 2013  
Arthur Clarke Raspberry 2012 Silver
Peter Mitchelmore Boysenberry 2009 Bronze
David Wood Gooseberry 2009 Silver
June L Allsop Blackcurrant 2013  
Arthur Clarke Blackcurrant 2012 Bronze
Pieter Buining Elderberry 2013  

Dry Citrus Fruit

June L Allsopp Grapefruit 2013  
Michael Jarman Blood Orange and Honey 2013 Bronze

Dry Other Wine

Derek Walter Carrot 2012  
Damon Maley Rhubarb 2013 Silver
Alysium Wines Bush Fruit Salad 2011 Bronze
Derek Walter Mixed Fruit 2012  
Pieter Buining Ginger 2013  
Michael Jarman Quince and Passionfruit 2013 Silver
Michael Jarman Pomegranate and Apple 2013  

Sparkling Pome Fruit

Nashi Wines Sparkling Nashi 2010 Silver
Elysium Wines Wild Apple and Native Mint Sp Bronze

Sparkling Stone Fruit

John Phillips Sparkling Nectarine 2013 Bronze
John Phillips Sparkling Black Cherry 2013  

Sweet Pome

Nashi Wines Nashi 2011  
Mountain Fruit Wines Apple wine 2013  
Small Acres Cyder Appscato 2013  
Small Acres Cyder Pomona Ice 2012 Bronze

Sweet Stone Fruit

Stella Rodriguez Cherry Plum 2008  
Stella Rodrigues Cherry Plum 2013  
Robert Francis Cherry 2013  
Mountain Fruit Wines Kirsch 2013  
David Hart Apricot 2010  

Sweet Tropical Fruit

Monbulk Winery Kiwifruit Sweet 2012  
Kanagae Estate Dessert Mango 2013  
Bruce Chadfield Sweet Tropical Fruit Bronze

Sweet Flower, Herb and Grains

Derek Walter Mint 2012  

Sweet Berry Fruit

Berry Delights Freycinet Strawberry Sweet 2013  
Monbulk Winery Strawberry 2012  
Stella Rodriguez Redcurrant 2013  
Elysium Wines Lillipilly Dessert Wines 2012  
Mountain View Wines Raspberry 2013  
Mountain View wines Blueberry  

Sweet Citrus Fruit

Derek Walter Orange 2012  
David Hart Lime 2011  

Sweet Other Fruit

Peter Mitchelmore Loquat 2011  
Elysium Wines Plum Pine Dessert Wine 2011  
David Hart Lemon Balm 2012  

Sweet Other Wine (Hybrid)

David Hart Elderberry/Cabernet 2013 Bronze

Dry Mead

Andrew Smith Mangrove/Mallee Mead 2012  

Sparkling Mead

Mint View Meadery Sparkling Mead 2013  

Traditional Styled Ciders, Sweet

William Smith & Sons Organic Apple Cider  

Sweet Mead

Maxwells Meads Honey Mead 2013 Bronze
Mountain View Meadery Blackberry 2012 Bronze
Mountain View Meadery Meadow 2012 Bronze
Mountain View Meadery Bursaria Spinosa 2012 Silver
Mountain View Meadery Tea tree 2012 Bronze
Mountain View Meadery Tea Tree 2006 Bronze
Mountain View Meadery Purple Cheeseberry 2012 Bronze
Mountain View Meadery Leatherwood 2009 Bronze
Wildfern NZ Ltd Sweet Oaked Mead 2013  

Other Mead

Andrew Smith Mulberry Melomel MORAT  
Mountain View Meadery Jostaberry 2004  
Mountain View Meadery Spiced Orange Sweet Mead (JAOM)  
Andrew Smith Spiced Orange Sweet Mead (JAOM)  
Maxwells Meads Spiced Mead 2013  
Wildfern NZ Ltd Mead Liqueur 2014  
Maxwells Meads Liqueur Mead NV  

Fortified Wine

Kanagae Estate Mango Gold Port  
Kanagae Estate Rosella Port 2013 Bronze
Kanagae Estate Lemon Aspen Port 2013 Bronze
Kanagae Estate Wattleseed Port 2013 Gold
Small Acres Cyder Pommeau 2009 Silver
Malcolm Nicholson Blueberry 2013 Bronze
Maxwells Meads Liqueur Mead NV  


Sorell Fruit Farm Strawberry Liqueur 2013  
Sorell Fruit Farm Raspberry Liqueur 2012 Silver
Arthur Clarke Raspberry 2014 Bronze
Sorell Fruit Farm Wild Blackberry Liqueur 2012 Bronze
Arthur Clarke Loganberry 2014 Silver
Eileen Eaton Youngberry Liqueur 2013 Gold
Sorell Fruit Farm Silvanberry Liqueur 2007  
Eileen Eaton Silvanberry Liqueur 2013 Silver
Sorell Fruit Farm Loganberry/Silvanberry Liqueur  
Sorell Fruit Farm Tayberry Liqueur 2012  
Eileen Eaton Jostaberry Liqueur 2013 Bronze
Sorell Fruit Farm Blackcurrant/Silvanberry Liqueur  
Sorell Fruit Farm Berry Special Liqueur 2013 NV Bronze
Berry Delights Freycinet Cherry Liqueur 2013  
Sorell Fruit Farm Sweet and Sour Cherry Liqueur  
Sorell Fruit Farm Sour Cherry Liqueur 2010  
Black Gate Distillery Quandong Liqueur 2013 Bronze

Traditional Styled Cider Dry

Small Acres Cyder Somerset Still 2013 Bronze
Peter McKeown Traditional Styled Cider Dry 2013 Bronze
Peter McKeown Traditional Styled Cider Dry 2013  

Traditional Styled Cider Dry, Sparkling

Peter McKeown Traditional Styled Cider Dry Sparkling Bronze
Redwood Cider Co Scrumpy 2013 Bronze
Spreyton Cider Comps Apple Cider Vintage 2013  

Traditional Styled Cider Sweet

Small Acres Cyder Norfolk Still 2013  

Contemporary Ciders Dry

Small Acres Cyder Pomme NV  
Malcolm Nicholson Cider 2012  
Michael Jarman Funky Apple 2013  
Lost Pippin Still Cider 2013  
Rebello Wines Method Traditional Apple Cider  
Lost Pippin Sparkling Cider 2013  

Contemporary Ciders Dry, Sparkling

Tim Jones Dry Cider 2014 Bronze

Contemporary Ciders Sweet, Sparkling

Redwood Cider Co Crushed Apple Cider 2013  
Snakes and Ladders Cider Sparkling Apple Cider 2013  
Pagan Cider Sweet Sparkling 2013  
Redwood Cider Co Classic Cider 2013  
Franklin Cider Co Apple Cider 2013  
Tim Jones Sweet Cider 2014  
Tim Jones Draught Cider 2014  

Ciders (Hybrid) any style, apple and 1 other fruit

Redwood Cider Co Boysencider 2013  
Redwood Cider Co Feijoa and Cider 2013  
Redwood Cider Co Cranberry and Cider 2013  
Redwood Cider Co Passionfruit and Cider 2013  
Redwood Cider Co Crushed apricot Cider  
Redwood Cider Co Apple and Pear Cider 2013  
Redwood Cider Co Crushed Summer Berries 2013  
Rebello Wines Passionfruit and Pink Lady Apple  
Rebello Wines Blood Orange and Pear NV Bronze
Redwood Cider Co Apple and Guava NV  
Rebello Wines Raspberry and Apple NV  
Pure Peninsula Honey Apple and Honey Cyser 2013 Bronze
Pagan Cider Cherry Apple Cider Blend 2013  
Pagan Cider Quince and Apple blend 2013  
Franklin Cider Co Cherry Pear Cider 2013  

Perry, Dry Still/Sparkling

Malcolm Nicholson Cider Sparkling Pear 2013 Bronze

Perry Sweet Still/Sparkling

Redwood Cider Co Pear Scrumpy 2013  
Redwood Cider Co Crushed Pear Cider 2013  
Pagan Cider Sweet Sparkling Perry 2013  
Lost Pippin Cranston Perry 2013  
Franklin Cider Co Pear Cider 2013 Bronze