Australian Fruit Wine Show Results for 2016

Dry Pome Fruit

Peter Mitchelmore Pear 2014 Bronze

Dry Stone Fruit

Derek Walter Cherry Plum 2014  
Jane and Rom Springall Purple Plum 2015  

Dry Berry Fruit

Arthur Clarke Taziberry/Chilean Guava Berry Silver
Terry Sims Raspberry 2015 Gold
Stella Rodriguez Blackberry 2015  
Terry Sims Blackberry 2015 Silver
Pieter Buining Elderberry and Raisin 2015 Bronze
Pieter Buining Elderberry 2015  
Terry Sims Elderberry 2015 Bronze

Dry Citrus Fruit

Wayne Hewett Cara Cara/Applew 2015 Bronze

Dry Flowers, Herbs and Grains

Derek Walter Barley 2014 Bronze
Derek Walter Mint 2014 Bronze
Derek Walter Chilli 2014 Silver

Dry Other Wine

Roger Guerin Watermelon 2011 Gold
Roger Guerin Jelly Palm 2014 Bronze

Sweet Stone Fruit

Peter Mitchelmore Apricot 2015 Gold
Wayne Hewett Plum and Blood Orange 2015 Silver
Peter Mitchelmore Black Friar Plum 2015 Bronze
Stella Rodriguez Cherry Plum Number 1 2015 Bronze
Stella Rodriguez Cherry Plum Number 2 2015 Silver

Sweet Berry Fruit

Stella Rodriguez Redcurrant 2015 Bronze
Arthur Clarke Raspberry 2015 Silver
Stone Dog Meadery Blackberry 2015 2015 Bronze
Arthur Clarke Elderberry 2015 Silver

Sweet Mead

Mountain View Meadery Clarrot 2015 Gold
Mountain View Meadery Blackberry 2014 Bronze
Mountain View Meadery Leatherwood/Spring Flower 2004 Bronze
Mountain View Meadery Beekeepers Specialb 2015 Silver
Maxwell Meads Honey Mead 2015 Bronze
Stone Dog Meadery Orange Blossom 2015 Bronze
Mountain View Meadery Prickly Box 2014 Silver
Stone Dog Meadery Bochet 2015 Bronze
Maxwell Meads Spiced Mead 2015 Bronze
Maxwell Meads Liqueur Mead 2015 Bronze

Sparkling Mead

Maxwell Meads Sparkling Mead 2015 Bronze

Fortified Fruit Wine

Roger Guerin Jelly Palm 2010  
Eileen Eaton Stewed Rhubarb 2015  

Liqueur Fruit

Arthur Clarke Quince  
Arthur Clarke Apricot 2015 Bronze
Tasmanian Liqueurs Strawberry 2013  
Tasmanian Liqueurs Raspberry 2014 Bronze
Patersonia Ridge Raspberry 2014  
Patersonia Ridge Raspberry 2015 Bronze
Tasmanian Liqueurs Tayberry 2015 Bronze
Tasmanian Liqueurs Wild Blackberry 2013 Silver
Eileen Eaton Youngberry 2015 Gold
Eileen Eaton Silvanberry 2015 Silver
Tasmanian Liqueurs Cherry 2010-2012 Silver
Eileen Eaton Cherry Starburst 2015 Silver
Tasmanian Liqueurs Blackcurrant 2013  

Methode Traditionale Sweet or Dry

Wayne Hewett Raspberry and Apple Sparkling Silver

Other Sparkling Hybrid Exp any Style and Sweetness

Nashi Sparkling Nashi 2014 Bronze
Rebello Wines Passionfruit Moscato 2015 Gold
Rebello Wines Strawberry Moscato 2015 Silver


Mountain View Meadery JOAM 2015 Bronze

New World Cider Dry

Riddle and Johnson S152 2015  
Riddle and Johnson F15 2015  
Bruce Paterson Cider 2015  
Willie Smiths Bone Dry Cider 2016 Bronze
Richard Clauson Dreamer 2015 Bronze
Suttons Cidery Cider 2015  
Peter McKeown King of Tomkins Country Silver
Peter McKeown Sturmer Pippin 2015 Bronze
Gundaroo Cider Company Draft Cider Bronze

New World Cider Medium

Willie Smiths Organic Cider 2015  
Sidewood Estate Apple Cider NV Silver
Franklin Cider Co Apple Reserve 2015 Bronze
Franklin Cider Co Apple Cider  
Lost Pippin Cider 2015  
Empire Cider Cider NV Bronze

New World Cider Sweet

Three Oaks Cider Co Crushed Apple NV  
Spreyton Cider Co Apple Cider 2015  
Lost Pippin Sparkling 2015 Bronze

Traditional Cider Dry

Lost Pippin Heritage 2014  
Lost Pippin Special Vintage 2014 Bronze
Spreyton Cider Co Vintage Cider 2015 Bronze
Neil Fuller SB02 2015 Bronze
Borrodell Vineyard Heritage Cider 2013  
Peter McKeown Traditional Cider 2015 Bronze
Red Sails Cider 2014 Silver
Neil Fuller SB04 2015 Bronze

Traditional Cider Medium

Pomologist Cider Dry Apple Cider 2015 Bronze
Rebello Wines Apple Cider 2015 Bronze
Pomologist Cider Bottle Conditioned Apple Cider Bronze
Willie Smiths Keeved Exp Cider 2015 Silver
Red Sails Cider Gold 2015 Gold

Traditional Cider Sweet

Rebello Wines Strawberry Apple Cider Bronze
Rebello Wines Apple Mexican 2015  
Rebello Wines Apple and Guava 2015 Bronze
Kanagae Estate Mango Port 2014 Silver
Rebello Wines Passionfruit Pink Lady Cider Bronze

Perry/Pear Cider Dry

Lost Pippin Perry 2014  
Red Sails Perry 2015 Silver

Perry/Pear Cider Medium

Sidewood Estate Pear Cider Bronze
Franklin Cider Co Pear Cider 2015  
Lost Pippin Sparkling Pear NV2015  
Lost Pippin Cranston Perry 2015 Silver

Perry/Pear Cider Sweet

Three Oaks Cidser Co Crisp Pear NV  
Spryton Cider Co Pear Cider 2015  

Specialty Cider Dry

Bruce Paterson Cider and Quince 2015  
Bruce Paterson Cider and Raspberry Cider Bronze
Red Sails Cider and Quince  
Willie Smiths Whisky Aged Cider Bronze

Specialty Cider Medium

Wayne Hewett Kingston Black Pink Lady  

Specialty Cider Sweet

Rebello Wines Pear Cider Italian 2015 Silver
Rebello Wines Pear Cider Vietnamese Silver
Franklin Cider Co Cherry Pear Cider Bronze
Pegan Cider Cider Cerise 2015 Silver

Other Specialty Cider

Franklin Cider Co Traditional Perry Bronze
Lost Pippin Pommeau NV 2015 Bronze
Lost Pippin TIce Cider 2014