Chairman's Message

I hope you are all enjoying the Tasmanian summer. Early January is seeing some quiet hot weather which hopfully will impact possitively on the maturing fruit.

The cherries so far have been fabulous and there's lots of fruit avaiable to use now or to store for your fruit wine making purposes.

Have you a few spare bottles of that special drop you have made last year to enter into the 2019 Fruit Wine Show?. Enter your wine before 8 February for the Show which is on on 22 February. The entry forms for both the Fruit Wine Show and the concurrently held Tasmanian Cider Awards can be downloaded here.

Australian Fruit Wine Show 2019 entry form (pdf)
Tasmanian Cider Awards 2019 entry form (pdf)

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 7 February 2018 7pm at the Civic Club in Davey Street Hobart. If you would like more information please contact the for details.

If you are interested in joining the Fruit Winemaking association you can do so whilst a guest at one of our meetings or return a completed Membership invitation along with your Membership dues.

Terry Simms, Chairman