Chairman's Message

Tasmanian Fruit Winemakers (Tas) Inc is no longer functioning. Created some 20 years ago it has worked closely with the Rotary Clubs of Sorell and then Howrah with the running of the Australian Fruit Wine Show and the Fruit Wine Festival in Hobart.

At their recent AGM, Fruit Winemakers decided to deregister the organisation. The decision came about following the lack of activity as a consequence of the COVID pandemic; dwindling Membership; the inability to be able to support Rotary with the Fruit Wine Show and Festival and, despite best efforts, the inability to attract interest from the fruit wine industry and non-professional fruit wine makers. All this at a time of growing interest into micro brewing and distilling.

The deregistration will follow the guidelines from the Tasmanian Department of Justice Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading.

The current Secretary and Public Officer may still be contacted. Email the .

Terry Simms, Chairman